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A special thanks to all of my clients & students for their kind, generous & gracious word: it's an honor to serve you.   B


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Thank you for the insight. I love getting these sessions from you!  Rr 051815



Beautiful, informative, inspiring......thats what its all about i think, at least for me, moving it all on out from the insides.....

where its good to have of course....needs to be in there!!!, but so impt to be able to move it on it too & "take it to the streets" to quote the

doobie bros!!!!  IM SO GLAD!!!!   TS 030115


I absolutely find your communications so refreshing, insightful, and passionate! I just think it's necessary to tell you that you do a fantastic job in communication. You inspire, and intrigue the senses. 051815 jty


After we had such a great session yesterday, I felt great, hopeful and happy. (Right were I like to be) thank you for that. You've given me a gift. kl 040517

just finished the reading! Loved it !!! Thank you so much, this is great to have in my personal stash of material to remember all the great info you shared. It was a super night and the energy of all the participants gel so easily. You are one cool lady and have wealth of information. What I really loved the best is how you thread different tools, the crystals, pendulums, tarot, mediation and lunar/astrological information all into this one workshop - it felt so complete. I'm so happy to finally have hooked up with other like minded folks to share my love of working with spiritual elements.  Fs 020515


B! I really enjoyed our class yesterday. I had a teary eyed full moon meditation yesterday and reevaluated myself and what I was doing in my life. I'm very excited for new prospects and opportunities! I wanted to thank you for all these classes that you've been holding! I've gone for so long learning by myself without really knowing if I'm doing things right, and now it's so nice to be a part of like minded individuals. It is especially exciting to have such a wonderful and knowledgable teacher!  Thank you for your on going help! Cl 020315



Thank you B! It was a privilege spending time with you and your amazing level of knowledge  V 010415

I am so grateful to you for all you do and all of the ways you have been there  jd 112714


I am thankful for your newsletters and the gifts you share with us   ss 112614


you're the best and to say thank you for all the times you helped me  rp 112514


teaching and love you've taught me plenty I'm so very blessed to have you in my life !!!! I am greatlful for your guidance and teachings they are irreplaceable and the riches of riches! !!  jo 11241



Really great. b is the best. The energy emitted was remarkably strong.  092314 mk


"So happy to find you again. I will never forget my last reading and was so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you :) "  bg 091414


"turned for taking so long to say thank you for such a wonderful workshop..I have used the info I learned all week and it feels wonderful not to be so tired.I left your workshop refreshed and relaxed...Thank You " cs 062514



It was an amazing class. The meditation performed was just what the doctor ordered and was a big help  HH 061014


I'm really enjoying where these classes are taking me. Thanks :-)  ee 061014



"Thank you so much for the reading. It was great. I'm going to miss being able to see you in person, but I hope we can still meet somehow for readings in the future via other means. You have no idea how helpful your readings have been to me".  ca 040714


" Was an amazing time. :) So glad I made it. Thank you yet again". s*****051714


"I don't know what she does, or how she does it but I feel freer, lighter and more centered after our session then I have in years" 030314 L


"Thank you for all the wonderful information and for that beautiful meditation/transmutation. Yep, I felt "under the weather" body-wise for much of the day yesterday, but otherwise uplifted, joyful. Thanks to everyone who attended for making the evening a pleasurable & enjoyable experience :) "cm 061214



"Last night's session was fab-u-lous :) Exactly what I was needing. Thank you one and all for making it a spectacular evening. Blessings to all. b is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us." " 061714 cm

”It was really powerful. I feel a difference, like I closed one chapter and I'm starting another. You're the best"        MP 022514


" I am sharing this experience with my friend because I found it, (Past life & Karma reading) enjoyable, beneficial and inspiring." LS 120213


"2012 was very intense in so many aspects and for my It was very special the group of classmates and friends I made in the crystal synergy class, you assemble such a group of very gifted and unique people and of course you as our friend and guide in the mystical realm. Our knowledge were like rough crystals and now it has become like an amazing gems." J.0. 02121






"This was truly an experience i never could have imagined not being there, (Vortex Meditation & Communion) as i stood barefoot i immediately felt a strong energy swirling and entering my feet then shooting up my body and B did say plenty of things as they were happening which i saw with my mind's eye while meditating after was surreal & was totally relaxed. It was awesome to see eagle flying up ahead, thank you for such an awesome adventure and your hard work for being part of my life." 100712 JO


" It makes me happy that such a wonderful spirit even remembered me, and the butterfly. A symbol that I feel has been stalking me for months now. I see it and hear it in songs, and now this email (and from someone that always gives me joy when going through tough times). Even from this comedian guru I have "human turds are butterfly seeds"...I feel like a total butterfly now. My confidence and self esteem and my health, all have sky rocketed like never before. " 091412ee


" I have to share this with you. ^^^^ (my new boss) has been offered the opportunity to go to Europe for 2 to 3 years to start up a new practice in the firm. It is still in its infancy; but she shared this information with me and my two colleagues as she trusts us all and views us as "the dream team". I don't know if you recall, but in my readings you kept mentioning a "Queen" who would see my value and strengths. You also kept seeing me traveling over water. Looks like you were right and it may be a wider body of water than the Hudson:)" I let ^^^ know about what you had said. Her response was: "What a note! I guess I am the queen from Queens :-) Did she also guess which other planets will we lead?" I guess I need to book another appointment to have you look into the planets soon:) So tell me, are you this in tune with all your clients?" sd 040112


" I came back to see B and each time she was helpful and accurate. She is an insightful wonderful and strong woman who knows how to guide you so you can understand what you are going through. I recommend this place as an escape from the craziness that surrounds us sometimes. The team is great." ad 031012 "I am so blessed to have B in my life as a guide and teacher her love and knowledge is amazing. She is a very special person and I feel more than rich to have her in my life right now and actually since we met I've felt special and give thanks for her guidance love healing and teachings. I surely hope that the masses will soon feel the same thank to B for her dedication to do every day above and beyond" JA 071212


" I went recently for a crystal chakra cleansing with B...she's wonderful, compassionate, knowledgeable and very helpful." mh 021512


"My New Year Reading was both positive & insightful. As always B was great she made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance. I know I'll be going back again" t 022712


"B is a pure delight. It was my first time to have an Angel Reading and she made sure I understood the messages. I will definitely be back  for readings". s s 111911



"B was fantastic. She described my husband to such an extent I had to ask her if they ever met. Will do it again soon." gg 121411



" Just had a follow up reading by B. She is the best! She knows the cards like the back of her hand and clearly answers your questions based upon the cards, explaining the meaning of each. B is a real help in how to handle life's issues." sb 091411



" this was an interesting experience, on learning alot about my own angels and myself. B is a great woman and so strong with her psychic intuition and awareness. She instantly knows your thoughts without saying she knows, go to this lady, she will blow you away with what she has to say x" sb 083111


"It's been years since I've had a karma reading with "B" overall she was great, very down to earth"

t 061211


 "I recommend Mrs. B's personal reading. She is very supportive and has a true talent to open someone's heart and to make someone see the true inner self." A 062810


"I feel SOOOO good today, after our meditation last night... It's unbelievable how much energy I have. Thank you so much... Also, I slept like a baby last night, too (which is so unusual!). What a great gift you gave us, B" LG 112113


"Okay, so we know that your readings are accurate, but try this on.  You told me that ****** was going to leave the engagement unexpectedly and leave me in the lurch.

The engagement starts tomorrow at 9am. You told me that I could not trust *****.  Here is sit and at noon, I read an email:  Headline: We won ---- company Text: **** needs an "A" team for the work and recommended that ******** be diverted from (tomorrow's engagement) to start on her's. Need I say more? I know I asked the specific names, but between the pendulum and the cards you got the story 100% on.Regards!" S 020212


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