custom crafted DIVINATION TOOLS by redboxjadecompany

Each hand crafted redboxjade Pendulum contains Metagemologically specific,  selected & arranged elements to facilitate excellent communication between handler and Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Truths & Life energy forces.


Exclusive sourcing & combination of Gemstones, gold, silver, brass, bronze and other metals, shell, bone, wood, silk or leather. Merging these elements with specific client centered sequence, length and design yields balance of and expedites clarity of information, harmony, qi movement and universal truths.  


The custom created Pendulum contains removable activator, (head) & anchor, (tail) pieces to facilitate change of services and personal feel of both handler and Pendulum. RedBoxJade exclusive Pendulums are created at specific lengths: simple 6" to 8" configurations to hold between the fingers & complex, 12" to 20" length. Complex Pendulums are created to drape over the hand while holding the anchor stone on or over the Hand Sfirot~Chakra facilitating a deeper handler/pendulum connection.  Most pendulums contain lobster claw &/or spring loaded clasps at both end allowing for anchor and head stone changes plus to utilize as bracelets and necklaces.


All pendulums are cleansed and programmed for immediate use. 

Each Pendulum comes with a care and storage dissertation by B.

the following are photos of custom redboxjade pendulums by B.Ber:

a thank you to the gracious owners for permission to feature their Pendulum's images


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by B.Ber


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