Directed & Targeted Meditations

A guided interactive navigation to the

Metaphysical side of Life, the Universe and Self.

 Targeted Meditation: the spiritual, intuitive & metaphysical connection and balance of the body, mind, environment and spirit.

 Targeted Meditation illuminates basic, safe practices, uses and applications of non-dogmatic Mediation: a quintessential tool in each person's life.

Unlike may Meditation platforms, Targeted Meditation breaks down the basic physical and mental steps to facilitate ease and control.

All instruction is open and applicable to all modalities & levels of expertise, novice to professional practitioner, participants are encouraged to explore this open and gentle meditative method.

Once mastered, Targeted Meditation technique can be applied to accelerate healing, maintain excellence in well being,

release blockages and stress, attenuate and center concentration, 

and execution of life's work and pleasures. 

Targeted Meditation provides deep connection, restoration of the Centered Self; recharge for the Soul and spirit.

Targeted Meditation instruction encompasses: 

Health and Healing amplification and maximization for all stages in life

 Sfirot: the body's energetic cosmic gateways what they are, opening, cleansing and control

Qi/Life Energy flow: tapping universal life energy Identification, movement and programming

Aura: the energetic glow emanating from humans and all things: contact, manipulation, cleansing, enforcement

 Ethereal Guardians: connections with other plains of existence connection with the guides and beings that surround us

 Projection and Intuitive Vision techniques: connection with universal time and space to guide and illuminate life.


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